Picking a team of the season is always tricky, and one of the hardest parts is leaving out some of the players from smaller clubs that overachieved during the season, but still didn’t match the top performers at the top tier clubs.

So in addition to our team of the season, we’ve picked a ‘best of the rest’ XI to appreciate some of the lesser-known players in Italy’s top flight.

Given their performances at their smaller clubs, many of the players in this team will be moving over the summer, if they haven’t already. Hopefully most of them will continue their progression up the footballing ladder in Italy.

For me, ‘the rest’ in Italy excludes Juventus, Napoli, Roma, Inter, Fiorentina, Milan and Lazio. Though Milan and Lazio finished behind Sassuolo, they’re still big clubs and are massively underachieving. Though it’s unlikely that any of their players would make it in to either team of the season anyway.

If you think I’ve left anyone out, please leave a comment.