The 2015/16 season has been another great one in Serie A as it continues to grow.

With Juventus crowned champions for the 5th time in a row you might think that nothing has changed. However, the improvement of Napoli, Inter and Roma over this season mean that we may see a new winner next year.

It seems inevitable that next season there will be an even more tightly contested title race. Though this one was a more enthralling one than viewers of Italy’s top flight have been used to during Juve’s dominance.

The high-calibre of the players in this team of the season are a great example of how Serie A is on it’s way to becoming one of the strongest league’s in Europe again, and is full of world class talent once again.

The improvement in the league is highlighted by two long-standing records being broken over the course of the season – Gianluigi Buffon’s clean sheet record and Gonzalo Higuaín’s goalscoring record.

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